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How to Unblur

DeepNude was a controversial app that used AI to create fake nude photos of women, leading to its removal from the internet. However, some people may still be searching for ways to unblur images created by the app. In this article, we will explore some methods to unblur images.

Use Photo Editing Software

One way to unblur images is by using photo editing software. Programs like Adobe Photoshop or GIMP have features that can help sharpen or enhance blurry images. By adjusting the contrast, brightness, or sharpness settings, you may be able to improve the quality of the blurred image.

Try Online Image Enhancers

There are also several online image enhancers that can help unblur images. Websites like or Fotor offer tools that can enhance and sharpen images. Simply upload the blurred image to the platform and use their editing features to improve the quality of the photo.

Use AI Image Deblurring Tools

Another option is to use AI image deblurring tools to unblur images. Platforms like DeepAI or Vance AI offer AI-powered solutions that can help deblur photos and improve their quality. Simply upload the blurred image to the tool and let the AI algorithms work their magic.

Consult Professional Graphic Designers

If you are still struggling to unblur images, consider consulting professional graphic designers. Graphic designers have the skills and expertise to enhance and sharpen images using advanced techniques and software. They can help you restore the quality of the blurred image and make it more presentable.


While the app has been removed from the internet, there may still be blurred images circulating online. By using photo editing software, online image enhancers, AI image deblurring tools, or consulting professional graphic designers, you can try to unblur these images and improve their quality. Remember to always respect the privacy and dignity of individuals when dealing with sensitive content like fake nude photos.

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